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June 25, 2019

Juicer Machine

It’s the best experience ever when you own a juicer with the best services. It gives you the convenience to have any juice of your favorite choice. You get to have the choice of which flavor you need, the content and even some garnish to quench your aesthetic creativity.

However, owning a juicer can be quite a challenge, ranging from selection to the cost of the machine. But one thing for sure, they are an investment which you should not take lightly. A good choice which can guarantee you efficiency, effectiveness and longevity should be on the front line. Unless you would want to do frequent replacement of the juicer, considering the fact that they are quite expensive.

But, the certain fact is that they are beneficial. If you weigh the option between the cost and benefits, they are worth every single penny you have. Just ensure the selection you make, it’s going to serve your needs and lasts longer.

Below are the major types of the juicer machine which can give you a general outline of how they work. It can be also useful as a guideline when you intend to get one from the store.

Major Types of juicer Machines

Centrifugal Machine

Do you have a washing machine? If yes, then centrifugal uses the same principles of spinning. But it shreds your contents and spins them, unlike the washing machine. It is featured with teeth that are sharp on the mesh chamber. It, therefore, rotates at the highest speed shredding the materials. Through spinning, the juice is being separated from the pulp. Some models of the machine have their own container for juice collection.

In occasions where you will need to prepare a large sum of juice, removal of the pulp has to be done. This can be done in a few instances, and you will have to take apart the machine to do so. The juice extracts are oxidized and have a limit of 15 minutes without taking it.

Despite the fact that it extracts the least juice from leafy vegetables, it does save you a lot of time. With it, you don’t need to chop the contents, thus saves the preparation time. Also, it has the least places which require cleaning after use.

Masticating Machine

Compared to other juicers, it works slowly. It comprises a single auger. This works by rotating while crushing the contents onto a screen like mesh. The juice extraction is through the screen, with the pulp being obtained from another container separately.

The contents in this particular machine are exposed to less oxidation due to the slow speed and less heat. Thus more nutrients are conserved and can stay longer while fresh. Moreover, it allows you to take your time before consumption of your juice.

It is being provided in two different designs. The styles are based on the auger mode of placement. They are vertical auger design and horizontal auger design. The contents tossed in it needs to be chopped first, and especially those with dense fibrous. Such contents include vegetables like beetroots and carrots.

Triturating Machine

It is more like a vehicle transmission. It comprises of two gears, which through their interlocking makes the machine functional. It works by shredding the contents and squeeze the juice from them at the same time.

With the machine, you will make the best out of your vegetables and fruits. However, it has some shortcomings. Vegetables and fruits which are soft give the machine a hard time, and you will have to force the product into the gears.  But despite that, your effort is paid up with a maximum quality output from your fruits and vegetables.

However, the triturating juicer has an added advantage that can come in handy to you. Thanks to the twin gear, it can make for you butter from nuts, baby food, and even sorbets. In other words, it has a multifunctional role apart from juicing. Moreover, the juices from it can last up to three days in a fridge.

Citrus or Orange Juicer

To have a full benefit out of antioxidants on a daily routine, it can only be obtained from a fresh orange squeezed the juice. This can be made possible and efficient through having a juicer specifically for oranges. Having an Orange machine juicer means a guaranteed supply of vitamin C. With vitamin C, your body can undergo tissue repair and also regeneration.

Since the body can’t manufacture it, fresh juice is all you will need. However, be cautious of the shelved juices with labels, freshly squeezed juices of oranges. They are usually pasteurized for preservation, and this destroys some of the essential nutrients.

Moreover, fresh juice contains all nutrients together with bioactive molecules the body needs. Why go through the process of drinking concentrates with additives yet you can have a pure one at your disposal.

Why do you need a juicer specifically for oranges? Yes, you may use other types of juicers to prepare the orange juice and it will still be good. But unlike other fruits and vegetables, you will have to peel the oranges. This is because it has skin with bitter oil components. This will ruin your flavor if you were to juice it whole.

But you can actually avoid all the hustle of peeling. With an Orange Juicer, all you have to do is clean the orange and chop it into half.  From there, you can directly put it into your machine for juice extraction. It is the simplest preparation ever.

There are two types of the orange machine juicer you can use, the electrical model and the manual model.

  • Electric Orange Juicer

There are various varieties of the electric orange juicers to choose from. This ranges from the stylish and simplest designs to the professional and quality types. With the electric juicer, there are also two design types, the partly manual and the fully electric.

The partly manual works by hand pressing the half citrus onto a cone reamer which is spinning. In this case, you control the half orange with your hands around the reamer as the extract is being formed. The cone is made in such a way that it directs all the extract down through a strainer below it. It also ensures maximum yield of your orange.

There is also an exclusive design with a hand press cup. After placing your citrus fruit, you just close the cup and press its handle as the cone spins.

The fully electric design, this particular type has a cup on top of the reamer. After placing your half orange on top of the reamer, close the cup and turn on the juicer. And you will have your juice within no time.

  • The manual orange press

This is operated entirely by hands. You place the half orange on the cone. Then squeeze all the juice out by pressing the lever. Moreover, if you need an orange coke tail, you can use the machine to squeeze the juice out of pomegranates, and it works effectively.

It is popular for being powerful and extracts sweeter juice. With the arm lever, it serves to multiplier your arms effort. And with the citrus placed stationary, it’s only the juice being extracted. That means none of the skin bitter oil passes through. This gives a purely sweeter juice.


How to clean and maintain

After you’re through with making your favorite juice flavor, cleaning the machine is mandatory. It guarantees your hygiene and keeps the juicer from getting the foul smell. One thing you do not want is a stinky juicer. It’s enough to discourage you from your routine drink of healthiness.

Moreover, cleaning the machine keeps the metal part of it none rusty. It also ensures efficiency when you use it again. The juice can get sticky when left in the juicer for sometimes, why get through all the hustle of scrubbing it off yet you can swipe it off easily after use.

How do you clean it? It’s simple, swipe or scrub of the debris, then use cleaning detergent with water. There are some models which have brushes for scrubbing off food debris from the blades. But if for any reason you are unable to clean it immediately after use, soak the removable parts in water. This would give you an easy time when you are ready to clean it.

What to consider before purchasing a juicer

Budget:this is an important part of your journey to getting a new juicer. The machine can cost for as low as 50$ but as expensive as 400$. Ensure you don’t raise your blood sugar level, out off struggling to buy an expensive one. You can always get one which works best at a fair price.

Sit down, calculate how much you are willing to spend and set aside the money. After, you can go to the store and weigh the various prices and quality. Then choose the one which matches your budget and the intended use you needed it for.

Preparation time: depending on your daily routine, consider the one which will ensure you never miss to have a glass of juice. This is despite how squeezed your time may get.

Cleaning: Various types of juicers have different types of cleaning method and duration. This may be based on the juicing extracting parts of the machine. But also the number of parts the machine is composed off. If you have all the time in the world, any type of juicer will be ok. But if you have a squeezed schedule, a juicer with a few cleaning parts is what you need.

Shelf life: This determines the duration you will take to consume the juice after you’ve made it. It is usually determined by the speed of the juicer in juicing. Juicers which have high-speed motors produce low shelf life juices.

As unfortunate as it may be, one will have to choose between shelf life and prep time. You can’t have them both. Faster juicer means low prep time and also low shelf life juice. But slower juicers means more prep time and longer shelf life. The choice lies with you. Which of the two are you willing to sacrifice?

 Space:Consider the place you are going to keep it. A more secure and permanent location is commended. It will save from the hustle of carrying it out of storage every time you need its services.

Also, based on space, you can determine the size of the juicer you will need. If your kitchen is smaller with narrow bench tops, a smaller or medium-sized juicer will be enough. If you have a bigger kitchen with lots of spaces, any size is recommended.

Use: various juicers have different capabilities. This is despite their central role of juicing. For instance, if you need a juicer for orange only, the citric or orange juicer press is what you will need. For hard or tough vegetables and fruits, a Triturating juicer will be handy.  And if it’s for the juicing of soft tissue vegetables and fruits, a centrifugal juicer and masticating juicer is what you will need.

The Best juicer Machine

Which is the best machine for juicing?  It is a common inquiry made by many people who are eager to start a juicing diet. Some expert may gear towards the quality of the juicer in response to the answer. Yes, they may be right to an extent. But the main priority should be based on service delivery. Is the juicer able to meet your needs and expectations in juicing?

After you’ve answered the question, then other factors like price, features, and quality can come in. below are the best categories of the juicers based on their service provision.

Leading on Wheatgrass and leafy green

They include Single augur horizontal juicers, it is specifically best for wheatgrass and leafy greens. Moreover, they can also work best with other types of fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, a vertical slow juicer can serve with the same level of effectiveness and efficiency. The twin gear juicers are also best, but they take longer preparation time.

Leading on hard vegetables and fruits

Masticating and centrifugal juicers fit this role best. Other types of juicers can serve the same role. What is unique about these two is their speed and effectiveness. They are fastest in their role, thus saves you lots of time.

Leading on soft fruits

Vertical slow juicer or masticating, or slow juicers, have transformed the juicing of fruits which are soft. They are costly, but the yield and quality are highly commendable. It can also juice other vegetables and fruits types.

Leading on a healthy juice

The most recommended by even therapist in nutrition is the Twin Gear juicer or the Triturating juicer. It is best at more extraction of micronutrients compared to other juicers. They are quite complicated to use and consumes more time. But their yield quality and quantity is assuring. A better alternative is masticating juicers. They are user-friendly and extract more nutritious juice than centrifugal juicers.

Leading on general vegetables and fruits

If you need a juicer which you will use for general purpose, vertical slow juicers are what you need. They can juice all the types of ingredients mentioned above. Moreover, they are friendly to use, convenient and effective.